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3772921474_700fd2e2b7_oOK, I admit I’ve been slack during the last month about my blog posts.   So, to get things jump started, I thought I would at least share links to recent articles I’ve found interesting.   I’m a bit obsessed with location-based services lately and believe that early adopter retail and restaurant companies will be able to leverage these to competitive advantage.

Are You a Foodspotter Yet? Foodspotting is a new application that helps you find good food.

Location Privacy Goes to Washington. Do we have a right to control what location-based advertisers do with our info once they have it? Do we have a right to ensure that law enforcement and government agencies don’t abuse our easily obtained mobile data streams? Are our children safe? What does social science research say about all these changes?

CauseWorld’s Checkin For Charity Gets More Citi Money. CauseWorld’s Checkin for Charity is a mobile app that lets users check in to retail shops for credits that can be donated to charity.

Blippy.com.  Sharing What You’re Buying. Blippy.com is a social networking site that encourages people to see and discuss what their friends and others are buying on services such as iTunes, Netflix, eBay, Amazon, and more.

Gowalla Follows Foursquare’s Lead with Real-Life Incentives. The first content integration will focus on the new series, Food Wars, a new Travel Channel offering where blindfolded participants choose sides to determine “Who Makes The Best Dish In Town.”

Foursquare Confirms Restaurant Dashboard Alpha Testing. 30 hand-picked restaurants are alpha-testing, “an analytics dashboard for Foursquare, where [restaurant] owners can pay to create custom offers and badges.”

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