Georgia House Bill 1001

If you are a Georgia entrepreneur, angel inventor, or just care about innovation and entrepreneurship in the state, you need to voice support for Georgia House Bill 1001. For more info on the bill, Lance Weatherby has a good post on the topic.

To make it easy to send an email, here is my version of talking points I took from Knox Massey.

I’m writing to voice my support for House Bill 1001, The Angel Investor Tax Credit. Georgia needs this economic development tool.

Many promising start-up companies in Georgia, most of which have been created by graduates of Georgia colleges and universities, are at risk in today’s challenging economic environment.  A leading source of capital for these businesses is  angel investment.  Angel investors are private individuals who take personal financial risk to enhance business and job creation in the state.

I believe that HB 1001 will incent angel investors to help promising young companies get started and create jobs in our state.  Twenty-two (22) other states have used similar investment incentives for years.  Those states have seen increased new business creation, new jobs and new revenue as a result.  Without this incentive, competing states are reaping the rewards of Georgia education and innovation; a significant number of entrepreneur-graduates of our schools have left our state in pursuit of capital elsewhere.  HB 1001 will help to address this.

I encourage you to support HB 1001.

And here is a list of emails I also took from Knox’s site – I just thought it wold be easier to cut and paste them in this format.  Just select the entire section and paste into the to: section of your email then hit tab.  It will accept them all at once (at least in Outlook).

Hopefully, this makes it easy for you to voice your support with a quick copy and paste or two.

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